Nintendo @ E3 2019 Pre-Show Predictions

E3 2019 is right around the corner. This is always one of the most exciting times of the year for me, because this is where we’ll get to see all the new games that will be coming from all the major companies and developers! One of the biggest companies to announce a bunch of newContinue reading “Nintendo @ E3 2019 Pre-Show Predictions”

Thoughts on the 91st Academy Awards

Last night was the night myself and pretty much every other film lover looks forward to every year, the Academy Awards. We complain about many of the decisions made by the Academy, but there’s no denying is still the most prestigious prize to be given in the art of film. This year, they went theContinue reading “Thoughts on the 91st Academy Awards”

‘Frozen 2’ Actually Looks Promising!

This week, Disney gave us our first look at the sequel to the highest grossing film of all time, Frozen. To clarify, I am not the biggest fan of Frozen. I think the original film is way too overhyped, and undeservingly so, and the short films they made in the franchise were just awful. This,Continue reading “‘Frozen 2’ Actually Looks Promising!”

Thoughts on the 02.13.2019 Nintendo Direct

A couple of days ago we finally got another Nintendo Direct, after waiting since September for one. We were all incredibly hyped, and some rumors that were going around definitely only made things more exciting. But a lot of people wound up being disappointed with it. While I completely see the disappointment, don’t get soContinue reading “Thoughts on the 02.13.2019 Nintendo Direct”