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‘Frozen 2’ Actually Looks Promising!

This week, Disney gave us our first look at the sequel to the highest grossing film of all time, Frozen. To clarify, I am not the biggest fan of Frozen. I think the original film is way too overhyped, and undeservingly so, and the short films they made in the franchise were just awful. This, however, looks like it can potentially be something truly special.

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Thoughts on the 02.13.2019 Nintendo Direct

A couple of days ago we finally got another Nintendo Direct, after waiting since September for one. We were all incredibly hyped, and some rumors that were going around definitely only made things more exciting. But a lot of people wound up being disappointed with it. While I completely see the disappointment, don’t get so hyped and believe all these bogus rumors. Of course you will be disappointed! As for me, I thought it was pretty good. Probably a 7.5/10 if I were to grade this.

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‘Steven Universe’ Season 5 Review *SPOILERS*

Steven Universe season 5 just recently ended with the amazing season finale, Change Your Mind. The minds of Steven Universe fans were collectively blown countless times throughout this season. As we anxiously wait for season 6 and Steven Universe: The Movie, now is the perfect time to discuss what is by far the biggest, most epic season in the series’ history. Note, there will be spoilers for both prior seasons and this season. So if you’re not caught up, consider yourselves warned.

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‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ Review

When I first heard the announcement of this movie a few years back, I was intrigued. An animated Spider-Man film with the great Phil Lord and Chris Miller serving as producers and co-writers is a combination you simply cannot go wrong with. However, I did not expect a film with the level of inventiveness that this film has. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is unlike anything I have ever seen before and is easily my pick for the best film of 2018.



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