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‘Frozen 2’ Actually Looks Promising!

This week, Disney gave us our first look at the sequel to the highest grossing film of all time, Frozen. To clarify, I am not the biggest fan of Frozen. I think the original film is way too overhyped, and undeservingly so, and the short films they made in the franchise were just awful. This, however, looks like it can potentially be something truly special.

What struck me in this teaser was the scope of the film. I haven’t seen Disney market a film to look this epic for a long time. If the film maintains this tone and scope throughout the film, instead of focusing on weak gags surrounding Olaf or trolls or any other creature that could be living in Arendelle, then I think it was an excellent film. One of the weakest aspects of Frozen is a lot of its humor. I hope they don’t focus on that too much this time around.

Disney has been very quiet about the plot of Frozen 2. We know they go on a big adventure beyond Arendelle, but that’s about it. What goes down in this film? Who knows. But, when looking at the huge autumn backdrop at the end of the teaser, I couldn’t help but wonder if these are powers caused by Anna at play. That could be interesting.

Despite how little we know about the film, I am indeed looking forward to it, being the first time I have gotten excited about anything Frozen related. Hopefully we won’t need to wait too long to see more.

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